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We believe that you will be able to find every kind of Jewellery you may like in our wide range of collections.


Ürünler gerçekten çok kaliteli ve hizmet çok iyi.


Etsy üzerinden aldığım ürünler gerçekten çok iyi kargo konusunda madur olmadım.

Müşteri - Mutlu 🙂


Daphne Jewellery

DAPHNE JEWELLERY founded in 2012 with the experience of 20 years in Jewellery business. At first, DAPHNE JEWELLERY started as a small business with a big heart , ultimate desire for creating and faith , but today we are a big family company which is representing Turkish Jewellery and operating all around world like Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA

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We are a company with happy employees.

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We provide economic benefits to our business partners and customers.

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Customer and supplier satisfaction is fundamental to us.

Environmentally friendly.

we make the best use of our world's natural resources.

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You can contact with our representatives 24 hours a day through our WhatsApp line for any questions about the products and collections you like on our site.

Collection Customization

We can make changes on our existing collections according to your wishes and needs. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to develop special collections.

Meet us at our Showroom

İf you would like to meet us and see all our collections, we would be happy to welcome you at Kuyumcukent DAPHNE Showroom.